"It's either immediately understood or can not be explained."

Henry Edward Fool

Emma Moonsinger

Darryl Mockridge
THE RECIDIVIST: The Never-Ending Trials of Henry Edward Fool


I was thinking out loud, delineating my most highly developed natural skills for my poor forbearing wife,
and I realized that none of them is what you would call a ‘marketable’ skill.

Briefly, I can;
using an apple, knock another apple off a tree from thirty paces,
recognize people I know or have met from the back of their heads, on the street;
recognize facial characteristics of people my wife and I both know, in people we don’t know, typically of
another race,
detect, within forty seconds, the moment at which a dog will choose to evacuate his bowels,
AND my wife tells me that I do a remarkably convincing imitation of a drunk.

I had to admit to her—as I believe I’ve already admitted to you—that none of these skills individually is
very impressive—anyone might possess one of them, or even a couple, and go unnoticed through life—
but, the unique combination of all of these skills certainly says something about me.
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"Smoking is largely a mindless activity. The answer
to mindlessness is CONSCIOUS THOUGHT-- you
know, actually thinking about what you are doing."
--------------------------.                   Darryl Mockridge
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